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Welcome to Fremont, CA!

Ever wondered where you can find true happiness? Look no further than the City of Fremont in the East Bay region of Northern California!

Fremont and many other highly populated U.S. cities have been judged based on findings of positive-psychology research and given points in three key areas: emotional and physical well-being, community and environment, and income and employment. After the results were tallied, Fremont has become the top-notcher for the second straight year in the list of WalletHub’s Happiest Cities in America for 2023.

Let’s get to know Fremont, CA and find out the many reasons why living in this city on the southern shores of the San Francisco Bay will make you happier than you ever will be.

Fremont, CA: An Overview

Fremont is a coastal suburban city in Alameda County that sits nearest to the concentration of tech hubs in Silicon Valley. Its proximity makes it a preferred residential site by many employees, managers, and entrepreneurs working in the area. The strategic location of Fremont also gives its residents easy access to all the other major cities of Silicon Valley, particularly San Jose and Palo Alto.

Notwithstanding its highly urbanized neighbors, this city has managed to balance concrete and greenery within its borders. This is why its hills and hiking trails are favorite destinations of nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Here, you can go fishing, birdwatching, or simply hunker down on your patio and watch the spectacular sunsets here.


Four milestones define Fremont’s growth as a city:

Before there was Hollywood, there was Fremont. It may not have gained as much ground as a hub for mainstream American cinema as its more popular SoCal counterpart in Los Angeles but Fremont is still recognized as the place where it all began. Niles was, in fact, where pre-war greats like Charlie Chaplin used to make movies. 

Fremont officially became a city in 1956 after the towns of Irvington, Centerville, Mission San Jose, Niles, and Warm Springs were merged.

Strong involvement in the automotive industry. Since the 1960s, automotive assembly lines in Fremont have been generating vehicles from family-friendly sedans to heavy vehicles like trucks. Things came to a head in the mid-80s when an automotive manufacturing plant was opened here as a result of the collaboration between General Motors and Toyota. When Tesla Motors took over the plant after GM shut it down in 2010, the plant began to manufacture electric vehicles which would eventually become a global trend in sustainable transport. To this day, Tesla continues to generate employment and contribute greatly to the city’s economy.

The tech revolution. In 1984, Apple opened its first manufacturing site in Fremont. Other tech companies soon followed. The city is now home to a number of tech titans such as Tesla, Meta, Seagate, and Lam Research. These companies are among the more than 1,700 technology and life science companies and over 900 advanced manufacturing companies that are responsible for 1 in every 4 jobs in Fremont.

A celebration of youth, inclusivity, and cultural diversity

Estimates from the 2021 U.S. Census reveal that Fremont has a population of more than 200,000. One thing that distinguishes Fremont’s locals from the rest is their remarkable diversity and inclusivity. Almost half of the city’s residents come from other countries; thus, greatly influencing the culture and way of life here. Asians constitute the largest section of the population at 61.4%. A total of 98 languages are spoken in Fremont.

Fremont is also home to a sizable deaf community, partly because it’s where the California School for the Deaf’s Northern California campus is located.

You’ll also find a good number of single professionals living in Fremont, many of whom are attracted to the pull of Silicon Valley.


Like much of the Bay Area, Fremont enjoys mild temperatures even in the winter and clear skies for most of the year. This gives both residents and visitors the chance to plot their plans for places to visit in Fremont at any time they wish. The heat during summer could reach 77 degrees while temps during winter are still at a reasonable 42 degrees with zero snowfall.

Its excellent location, storied history, and diversity make Fremont an excellent place to live. This is why there’s a high demand for Fremont, CA real estate.

Homes For Sale in Fremont, CA

Market overview

The housing market of Fremont has never gone below $1 million in the past three years, with home values moving along a band between a little over $1 million and almost $1.6 million. Prices of homes here could go as high as around $14 million. There are still more people looking to buy homes for sale in Fremont, CA, essentially overwhelming the existing housing stock. Moreover, it doesn’t take a month before a house that’s listed on the market gets sold.

With the Fremont housing market tipped toward sellers and a fast-moving inventory, buyers need to brace themselves for bidding wars and plot out their strategies to effectively secure a property in this East Bay city. This could be done with the help of a client-focused and results-driven real estate professional. They can act as a guide all throughout the home-buying journey and take away the stress out of this transaction until you finally receive the keys to your new Fremont, CA home.

Housing inventory

The lack of land to build real estate on, coupled with the ever-increasing demand for homes for sale in Fremont, CA, has resulted in the abundance of townhouses and condos that are part of larger mixed-use developments in the area. This efficient urban planning has resulted in the availability of more and newer properties to meet the demand. You can still find a good number of single-family homes and a few mobile homes in Fremont, though, especially in areas near I-880.

There’s no dominant architectural design among homes in Fremont as the area embraces both traditional and modern influences in its real estate spread. The more established neighborhoods are usually adorned in the Ranch style, while the older ones sport Spanish Colonial and Mediterranean Revival designs as a salute to their Mission San Jose heritage. Developers of more recent construction, especially condos and townhouses, have taken on a modern approach to their builds.

Living in Fremont, CA

Happiness is a way of life in Fremont, and not just because of affluence. While money does play a big part in deriving comfort, Fremont’s citizens also value the beauty of their surroundings, the healthy lifestyle these surroundings bring, and the comfort they find in their financial stability, career opportunities, modern conveniences, and each other.

Cost of living

Expect a higher cost of living when in Fremont, CA. Figures from Payscale.com show that the cost of living in Fremont is 77% higher than the national average, with housing being the top factor behind this stat. But since Fremont’s residents have a median household income of more than $153,000 (2021 US Census figure), they can afford to enjoy the excellent quality of life that Fremont provides.


One cannot deny the impact of the recent massive tech layoffs in Silicon Valley on the region. However, this is not the first time that such an upheaval happened in the area, and the tech industry here has bounced back and become even stronger. Moreover, with Fremont being just beyond Silicon Valley’s outskirts, it is open to a wider set of industries that fare well on their own accord – thanks to the city’s business-friendly atmosphere. Aside from working in a tech hub, people can jumpstart their careers in life sciences, advanced manufacturing, logistics, education, retail, healthcare, and clean energy.


Schools are an important part of a good city, and Fremont does not disappoint with its impressive slate of highly-ranked schools and universities. Serving Fremont is the Fremont Unified School District (FUSD), composed of 42 schools with a student population of over 35,000.

WARM SPRINGS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL This school is ranked second among FUSD’s top elementary schools. It aims to provide a positive and safe environment that fosters lifelong learning. Its high expectations and quality instruction push students to achieve excellence in the academic, personal, and social realms.

JOHN GOMES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL John Gomes Elementary School brings students of diverse ages, cultures, abilities, and origins together. The principal is proud of nurturing three different languages in each student: the languages of the mind, heart, and hands.

WILLIAM HOPKINS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL This middle school takes the top rank among FUSD’s middle schools and is ranked 10th in the entire state. It strives to create a community that values students for their contributions and encourages them to take responsibility for their learning.

MISSION SAN JOSE HIGH SCHOOL This school sits in the No. 1 position among all of FUSD’s high schools. It aims to mold its students into global citizens who are accountable for their actions, reliable, and who strive to work together to create a better world and future for everyone.

Fremont’s private schools are also top performers in their own right. These include the Kinder-care Learning Center and the California School for the Deaf.

You’ll also find a number of colleges and universities in Fremont. Within city limits is Ohlone College, a community college where students can choose from a number of associate degrees and community programs. A little farther out are some prestigious universities like the University of California in Berkeley, Stanford University, San Jose State University, and California State University-East Bay in Hayward.

Outdoor recreation

Those who want to make an up-close connection with Mother Nature can check out 1,224 acres of gorgeous parkland in Fremont and add these among the places to visit in the area. Here’s a shortlist of these parks and preserves.

DON EDWARDS SAN FRANCISCO BAY NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE Established in 1974, this is actually an entire complex of nature preserves that are interspersed with as many as 11 counties of the Bay Area, spanning more than 125 miles. The main headquarters of this refuge complex is in Fremont. Over 280 species of resident and migratory birds can be found in this refuge, including white pelicans, hawks, kites, ospreys, and eagles. Other animals that made this refuge their habitat are the salt marsh harvest mouse and the endangered California clapper rail, among many others.

MISSION PEAK REGIONAL PRESERVE Take a three-mile hike to the summit of Mission Peak – found just east of Fremont – and take in scenic vistas of surrounding mountains like Mount Hamilton (to the south), Mount Tamalpais (to the north), the Santa Cruz Mountains (to the west), and the Sierra Nevada and Mount Diablo (to the northeast). The entire preserve spans over 3,023 acres and can be reached from the parking lot of Ohlone College (a slightly longer hike but with a gentler ascent) or at the east end of Stanford Avenue (a steeper but faster climb).

COYOTE HILLS REGIONAL PARK Northwest of Fremont, you’ll find 1,266 acres of grassland-covered hills and marshland at the Coyote Hills Regional Park, which was established in 1967. Visitors to this park could hike, jog, watch birds, go on a picnic, or simply relax amid the splendor of nature.

LAKE ELIZABETH/CENTRAL PARK Come to Central Park for stunning views of Lake Elizabeth and the Mission Peak Hills. The park has a two-mile walkway that wraps around the lake. Families come here and have picnics while the kids can frolic in the playground areas. Make sure to bring your furry family member along and let them play in the dog park. Other facilities include softball and soccer fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, and a cricket field.

Museums and art galleries

For your art and culture crawl, Fremont has four museums and two art galleries to explore.

MUSEUM OF LOCAL HISTORY Visit this museum to learn about the history of Southern Alameda County, as well as the families who moved, lived, and worked here. It has a substantial collection of artifacts, structures, and documents from Fremont, Newark, and Union City.

MISSION MUSEUM IN OLD MISSION SAN JOSE Before Fremont existed, there was Mission San José which was founded by Father Fermin Francisco de Lasuen on June 11, 1797. The Mission Museum tells the story of this mission and the Spanish settlements in this area.

NILES DEPOT MUSEUM The Niles neighborhood of Fremont has a colorful history hinged on the network of railroads that extended up to here. All of the memorabilia related to this period are found in this museum located in the Southern Pacific Railroad passenger depot – a formidable structure that was built in 1901.

NILES ESSANAY SILENT FILM MUSEUM AND EDISON THEATER This historic landmark is one of the proud relics from the beginnings of America’s motion picture industry. It was here in the Niles District where big-name stars of the silent-movie era like Charlie Chaplin and Broncho Billy made movies in the early part of the 20th century. Mementos of that period can be viewed in this museum.

OLIVE HYDE ART GALLERY This gallery showcases the work of local artists in exhibits that focus on traditional and contemporary art. Run by the Olive Hyde Art Guild, the gallery also sponsors art education programs in nearby schools and grants scholarships and awards to deserving local students.

FREMONT ART ASSOCIATION This storefront gallery and working studio has been bringing local artists, collectors, art enthusiasts, and students together since 1959. Fremont Art Association artists work in a variety of disciplines, such as traditional and modern paintings, fashion and fiber art, jewelry, and ceramics.

There are also 60 public art installations that can be found throughout the city.

A food scene as diverse as its people

The fantastic diversity of Fremont’s residents also manifests in the roster of food stops that feature choice cuisine from their respective countries of origin. Given the abundance of Asian communities here, expect the many exotic flavors of Asia to be part of your Fremont food crawl.

Come to Sala Thai for its famous noodle dishes and rich curries. Another restaurant offering Thai cuisine is Siam Palace Thai Cuisine in nearby Hayward.

Offering Filipino comfort dishes like sinigang and kare-kare are Kusina Filipina and Inay Filipino Kitchen.

Try the Korean dish naengmyeon at Jang Su Jang and the marinated meats at Ohgane Korean BBQ.

Swagat Indian Cuisine offers tandoori, biryani, and curries on its menu while Biryani Factory specializes in – you guessed it – biryanis.

Find Szechuan-style dishes in Sichuanese Cuisine and check out the plant-based Chinese food options at Shangri-La Vegan.

Ramen is served piping hot at Ramen Dojo. Meanwhile, if you want to try teppanyaki and hibachi-style dining, there’s Nijo Castle to visit.

Of course, Fremont residents and visitors still have American food classics to turn to like The Counter, a favorite burger chain where you can choose your own toppings. For your filling hoagy fix, there’s Bob’s Hoagy Steaks.

Cravings for the flavors of France can also be sated in Fremont with Papillon and its foie gras and escargot. For a taste of authentic Italian pasta, go to Buon Appetito and Pasta’s Trattoria.

For your caffeine fix, check out local cafes like Suju’s Coffee & Tea and Mission Coffee Roasting Company that not only offer your favorite cuppa Joe but also serve tasty pastries and other treats to go with it.

There are many other exciting dining options in Fremont to tickle your palate. That’s why it makes sense to properly plan your food-tasting adventure here to savor every dish this East Bay city offers.

Find Your Dream Home in Fremont, CA

Take your plans of scoring your dream home in Fremont or other areas of the East Bay region to a Realtor with hyperlocal expertise of the area and a passion for looking after the client’s best interests. I’m Kimberly Ghazvini – let me be that Realtor who can guide you toward success in your real estate transaction.

To know more about homes for sale in Fremont, CA and the rest of East Bay, let’s talk! Call me at 650.444.3148. or send me a message via email.

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